SEO Hero : Impact on Wix brand Awareness

SEO Hero is the Wix buzz of last November. Wix the famous easy website builder launched this new search engine optimisation challenge.

As soon as the announcement of the SEO contest, Wix voluntarily opts for a provocative tone with regard to SEO and prick them in their pride by challenging them to rank better than their platform on and on the keyword SEO Hero.

Successful strategy, since the number of challengers for SEO Hero should pass the 100 bar, but probably not as so risky for the platform than what a lot of search engine optimizers seems to think.

Wix has inevitably taken into consideration the likelihood of losing the SEO Hero contest. Most probably, the team in charge of marketing at Wix after weighing the pros and cons concluded that SEO Hero could only have a positive impact, whatever it would be the final rank.

Many SEO experts who predict a very bad bad buzz for Wix should surely review their fundamentals of marketing, personas and core customer concept.

Our experience shows that globally Wix customers DO NOT have a knowledge in digital marketing and even less of SEO. Their need is, above all, to have a professional website and easy to set up. Wix responds perfectly to this need.

Whatever could be the consensus in the search industry regarding Wix’s weaknesses in search engine optimization, SEO Hero will only creates more brand awareness for Wix… and this 4 months during. No matter if Wix loses the challenge, it will have no impact on the main target. Remember, they need a beautifull website.

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